Get paid right.
The first time.

We help your interventional, cardiology, and EP departments see fast, accurate, and complete reimbursements.

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Does your AR cycle feel more like a cyclone?

Get accounts receivable under control by outsourcing your interventional, cardiology, or EP coding. Our team of certified coders can improve your coding efficiency and productivity. We also perform reviews for your annual or periodic compliance and reimbursement audits.

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We have an intelligent charge capture solution.

iRCODER® takes the guesswork out of billing, slashing overhead for training, auditing, and refiling that extend your AR timeline for weeks. Current interventional, cardiology, and EP coding rules are embedded in our point-of-procedure charge capture application.

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Inventory management has never been easier.

We're more than just barcode scanning to track your inventory. With PIIMS®, you'll never forget to charge for supplies. When combined with iRCODER®, PIIMS guarantees inventory used is never overlooked while eliminating back-end edits that impact reimbursement.

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Medical Asset Management is the definitive company for learning interventional radiology.

CIRCC-certified coder – Paducah, KY

iRCODER has assisted us in capturing codes our facility would have otherwise not known were billable.

Radiology systems analyst – Goldsboro, NC

PIIMS can and will save your hospital money just by keeping an eye on your inventory.

Inventory control specialist – Little Rock, AR

We're here for you.

Contact us if you need medical coding, billing, or reimbursement audits on an annual, semi-annual, or episodic basis for interventional, cardiology, or EP cases. All evaluations are tailored to your schedule and needs. We'll work with you to improve billing efficiency, stay current with annual coding changes, and limit errors to receive your full reimbursements the first time.

For our Color-Coded Illustrations by Vascular Order© or continuing education units (CEU), existing clients can place an order using the contact form.
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